Nag Ashwin takes no credit for Mahanati

Young filmmaker Nag Ashwin is basking in the grand success of Mahanati, the acclaimed biopic on legendary yesteryear heroine Savitri Nag Ashwin’s vision and passion in translating Savitri’s illustrious life and legacy on the silver screen have been winning him accolades from all quarters

However, Nag Ashwin refuses to take credit for Mahanati’s success “We are standing on the shoulders of legends We have honestly explored the history of Telugu Cinema that shined bright with legends like NTR, ANR, Savitri, LV Prasad and KV Reddy etc They are the reason why everyone’s showing their love towards Mahanati This is people’s success not ours

Mahanati is a tribute given to Savitri by the entire film industry,” Nag Ashwin said at a recent success party