Tails Doll voice clips [Ask tails doll episode 1 ft. Sonic] (credits in description)

well well look who's finally here oh it's been a while hasn't it? you're here to be my co-host, you see I have a show where YouTubers ask me questions that I answered well of course, how do I get questions in the first place? please read some questions well I guess this piggy will pay the price what? just read those questions oh him, we did a lot actually he was my best bro until Eggman blew up half the moon all your souls will make this doll happy they were my friends but sadly they were shot by Eggman's robots in the hallway what are you talking about I have a mass produce army of friends yes and I like the most violent and hardcore types of anime um Kirby right back at ya it's very hardcore trust me how can you confuse me of an abomination I look nothing like that, *Sigh* all right you can leave but remember to questions your questions below everyone oh and by the way sonic can you do one little last task for me? *Whisper* *laughter*