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Over the past few months, we've covered multiple stories involving North Korea And what's weird is that, at one point, the story switched from "we're all gonna die!" to "we're all gonna live peacefully together!" And this weekend, North and South Korea took another big step in that direction

REPORTER: The leaders of North and South Korea stunned the world with their agreement to seek peace on the Korean Peninsula after more than six decades of hostilities REPORTER 2: Kim Jong-un has informed the South Korean president that he is prepared to abandon his nuclear weapons if the United States agrees to formally end the Korean War and promise not to invade his country That's right It turns out all Kim Jong-un wants in exchange for getting rid of his nuclear weapons is a promise from Donald Trump which is risky No I mean, a promise from Donald Trump is one of the most worthless things you could ask for You might as well ask for tickets to one of Bill Cosby's upcoming shows

(laughter and groaning) And now, and now, although although this was a summit about Kim Jong-un giving up some of his power, there were moments that reminded us that, even without nukes, he still has plenty of dictator swag to spare MAN: As the day rolled on, more extraordinary images have continued

Kim's limousine scooting back and forth across the dividing line, his personal bodyguards running alongside (laughter) (laughing) Oh, man! I'm sorry, man You know you have too much power when your car has its own entourage Come on That's

Like, how are you gonna make your bodyguards do synchronized jogging alongside your car? If anything, it makes you less safe, right? Because the car can only go as fast as these guys can run Just And also, when you get to where you're going, now you've just got a team of bodyguards that are too tired to save your life He's like, "Ah, look, uh he's got a gun Ju You jump behind me

You jump behind me I'm tired" Like, I Like, when I saw this, I was like, "Do they do they have to do this all the time?" Like in the drive-through at Del Taco, they're still there with the guy? I just like picturing these guys when Kim is trying to parallel park He's just got nine guys with the car, just like, "You're good

You're good Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa "Whoa You're good You're good

Oh, oh Oh, you hit Jerry! You hit Jerry!" (laughter) But once the Limo 500 was over, it was time for Kim Jong-un to get some exercise of his own MAN: The the two leaders seemed to have an instant rapport the minute Kim Jong-un made history by becoming the first North Korean leader to step foot in the south In a brief diplomatic dance, he invited President Moon to cross the military demarcation line back into the north Now, it may look funny, but we just witnessed a giant moment in history

That's the first time those leaders have stepped foot in the other one's country Like, you know there was a part of Kim Jong-un, as well, that just wanted to be like, "Now please, step into my country Got him! I got him!" (laughter) In fact, the summit put Kim in such a good mood that he made a huge change on the spot Now North Korea is also changing its time zone to match South Korea's Back in 2015, North Korea set its clocks back a half hour, and that became known as "Pyongyang Time

" WOMAN: The move was made at the proposal of Kim Jong-un who found it painful to see two clocks indicating different times on the wall of the summit venue Yeah, that's right Kim Jong-un moved his entire country's time forward half an hour Clearly, somebody's watched Infinity War Uh, it's also a dick move for anyone who had an appointment in North Korea

Like, you didn't you didn't plan it? You just announced it out of nowhere? It's just like, "Hey, I'm here for the job interview" "Sorry, sir

3:00 didn't happen today" (laughter) And-and you know what I realized this weekend, right? We see Kim all the time, but we almost never hear him speak (Kim Jong-un speaking Korean in deep voice) Okay I don't care what anyone says That's not his real voice

Yeah, that is not how he speaks Dude is totally pulling a Batman right now He knows everyone is watching, and he's like, (in deep voice): "We have got to have peace in Gotham "I mean North Korea Alfred, I need the Batmobile and the 12 guys running next to it

" (laughter) Now look, whatever the reason was, it was nice to see Kim Jong-un getting along with someone for a change In fact, Kim and President Moon got along so well, it gave us an idea for a new dating site (gentle piano music plays) MAN: Being a dictator can be lonely Nobody understands you You work long hours, and you've had all your relatives killed

You may wonder if there's anyone for you Well, wonder no more At Okcommandercom, we'll set you up with world leaders of all types (upbeat music playing) Leaders you can meet with, plant trees, take long walks on bridges and hold hands for a very, very long time

So log on to Okcommandercom You've got nothing to lose but your nukes (cheers and applause) -(applause, cheering) -That's love, man That's love

Now, if the North Korea talks end up in Kim actually giving up his nukes, this would be one of the greatest peace deals we've ever seen brokered Which is why, believe it or not, South Korea's president says that President Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize Because, he says, this never would have happened if Trump hadn't played "bad cop" You know? Like, really bad cop Like, worst cop ever

Like, "I'll let you borrow my gun for five dollars" cop And Trump winning the Nobel Peace Prize, or any prize, is an idea that MAGA supporters really love I remember, you know, it was very rough three, four months ago (people chanting "Nobel!") Oh That's very nice Nobel

(laughs) -(laughter) -You know, that that has to be the world's first Nobel Peace Prize chant Like, that's how rowdy Trump's crowds are, though

They'll chant anything They'll be at a funeral like, "Condolences! Condolences! Condolences! Always in our hearts! Always in our hearts!" And now, look, I understand, some people argue that Trump didn't actually do much, but South Korea's president, he doesn't care, right? He's happy to share the glory And Trump agrees with him, except for the "share" part I had one of the fake news groups -(crowd booing) -this morning Now, they were saying, "What do you think, uh President Trump had to do with it?" I'll tell you what Like, how about everything (cheering) Yeah, I, uh, I hope they have a Nobel Prize for humility, too, because this guy, he just killed the game