Chicago PD – Credit Union Robbery (Episode Highlight)

♪ [gunshots] 5021 Ida, those shots fired are coming from the South 1600 block, North Schiller Credit Union It's locked

[glass breaking] Go [gunfire] – Ruzek, you okay? – I'm good Stay down [gunfire] – 10-1, 10-1, we got shots fired at the police We got a bona fide robbery happening at North Schiller Credit Union

– Gun! Go! [tires screeching] 5021, Land Cruiser fleeing southbound towards 18th street Young, David, Henry, 8-4-2 – [groaning] – All right, just stay calm Keep pressure right there, all right? You ready? This is gonna hurt – Aah! [groaning] – Get me an ambulance

1656 South State Street – Copy that – [groaning]