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China has been testing a social credit system for some time very similar to an episode of Black Mirror In the episode, people make a note of each other according to the confidence they inspire and their sympathy A high overall score allows certain benefits, like not depositing a deposit to rent a house or not to pass the security of the airport Conversely, a low overall rating prevents renting a car or applying for a visa The Chinese government plans to make this system mandatory by 2020 But Chinese tech companies already have a "social credit" option on their apps

What do the Chinese think of this system? Paying with your phone is the norm in China, is not it? Yes yes What have you paid for with your phone recently? My shopping, furniture I can buy anything I use my phone to pay my credit card bills and tuition I even pay my charges with my phone You can even pay for your medicine at the hospital with your phone In grocery stores and stores too Restaurants, shopping centers, almost everywhere In fact we no longer use cash You leave a big fingerprint by doing that Have you heard of Alipay's social credit system called Sesame Credit? Yes I heard about it and I use it I heard about it Can you explain this system for those who do not know? Sesame Credit is a system that Alibaba uses to closely monitor its users They collect data from our daily lives Then compile this data into a credit system that scores its users Which score is considered average or good? 600-700 is average, above 700 is fine What was your reaction when you heard about Alipay's social credit system? I think it's necessary Personal credibility is important for everyone and this new platform can help people improve their reliability I think Sesame Credit is awesome There should be more systems like that Why do you think that? For example, those who do not cross the road at pedestrian crossing This behavior should affect their score And then they will follow the rules better Do you think this system is a good idea? I think it's good because I personally have a good score So it's more convenient for me to use Alipay to spend my money I think it's a good idea Before we had only monetary credit, which was limited But I've always wanted an official social credit system that I can count on Personally, I think that if Alibaba uses his power to rate us as he does, So I have no choice but to be against But what's important to remember is that Alibaba collects data from Alipay, which the majority of Chinese use And that they convert it into Sesame Credit So whether I use Sesame Credit or not, they always have my information in their database which bothers me a lot One of the factors that determines your score is "behavior and preferences" Do you think of a virtual behavior that you have that could affect your score? Surely pay my rent on time And if I pay my credit card bills on time It's important to honor your promises I did not know It's not going to be a problem for people like me Who behave well and have good scores A disadvantage could be when people need to buy things for work For example some people who work in the food sector and who have to buy a lot of snacks for their work But Sesame Credit could misunderstand this behavior and assume that this person is eating junk food all day long Apparently, buying counterfeit or poor quality items could affect your score What do you think about this ? Who says they have the right to define good quality and what is not? If they have the right to sell it, we have the right to buy it! If it's in the radius obviously we have the right to buy it It's ridiculous to try to control my consumption I think it's bad for a company to rate people like that Buying bad quality items is not a criterion on which to judge people's character Because this credit system is supposed to evaluate the reliability of people, the note should only be based on if they return items or not, and if they pay their bills on time Honoring your promises is what really matters But what we buy should be private These data should not help them evaluate us Sesame Credit also takes into account your "personal relationships" They have not clearly defined this status of "relations" But apparently if one of your friends has a low score, it will affect your score too You think that's good? Unacceptable! It seems ridiculous to me It's hilarious I see where they are coming from with that, But I think it's so stupid Why do you say that ? Without reason It's just stupid

Well, I can not do anything about it But I will never dismiss a friend just because of his score Would you virtually remove them from your friends? I do not think so Why ? – Because we are friends in real life So I will not take it off of my friends just because of its virtual behavior I will not do it But I think it's ok if my score is connected to my friends It could create pressure to behave in real life They will behave as best they can because others will know it It's like watching someone's social life what I think is good The Chinese government plans to put in place a compulsory social credit system for all citizens by 2020 Why do you think the government wants to do that? I imagine it's to control citizens? But I have not heard much about it I think it helps people to trust And it will give those who have a better score an easier life It will control the citizens For example someone who does not cross the pedestrian crossing you can not control it You can control drivers with taxes, but not those people With a social credit system, it puts both on an equal footing So if you cross the street in the wrong place, it can affect your bank loans And so people can be controlled I think it's necessary But it should be more transparent It should be published on a central website so that people can see, describing what kind of information they collect and what they will do with this information It should also specify what information will not be used It should be codified so we know what to expect I think the sooner the better The government is already following our credit cards, and they can follow our criminal background also Creating a social credit system just makes it easier to know who we are dealing with For example, interviewing strangers during professional interviews Having a good score is the ultimate CV When I show it to you, it proves that I am a good citizen who clearly has a good background Would you like to participate in the government's social credit system? Of course why ? -I respect the law, it will not affect me I think some bad behaviors need to be regulated Like fraud And virtual harassment Do you think that the social credit system should also control virtual harassment? I think it's a good idea We need a system like that to control these offenders Are not you afraid that your score could be misused or abused by some people or organizations? If nowadays some people still think that their personal information is not going to leak, I pity these people In today's society, it's not like social credit is the only way to share our information Our history is already visible everywhere Companies know our private information Like on social networks They show ads based on what sites we visit and what we do on the internet Yes that concerns me But I know that my information is being abused I have a lot of commercial calls, which annoys me a lot So we need a system that regulates, but our information should still be protected I think our news has already been badly used But I think there are more advantages than disadvantages I think the government would put more rules in place to protect our data There is always a solution It would be ridiculous not to put this system in place, Just because we are afraid of what we will do with our data How do you think your privacy can be protected? We must be careful But it's mostly up to the government to protect it Wow, it's very hard to answer that The United States had the same problem, did not it? Yes, they have the same, for example how Facebook misuses people's data But I am a citizen and I am helpless in front of that

Personally, I do not care about my intimacy Trying to protect your personal information is a waste of time, Especially during the era of electronics and digital It's futile just trying to protect his info You take your phone with you wherever you go They will always know where you live, work and shop At this time, intimacy does not exist What do you think ? Can you imagine this system in your country?