Deadpool 2 Ende und Post Credit Szene erklärt

Deadpool 2 has been officially launched in German cinemas and offers action again and lots of fun But just the end of the film was more than entertaining

Why this can be more than just another clumsy joke, experience you now But please watch this video at your own risk! There are spoilers In Deadpool 2, Wade Wilson Vanessa's lover is killed at the beginning of the movie, which is why we shortly thereafter see a Deadpool, we did not know him like him: badly depressed and suicidal Towards the end of the film, he is also fatally injured, prompting Cable back in time travels and undoes Wade's death Although Cable previously revealed that his time machine can only make a trip, will that changed in the post credit scene

Nega Sonic Teenage Warhead tinkers around the device, and Deadpool gets up, to undo some things For example, he kills the Deadpool from X-Men Origins Wolverine, as well as Ryan Reynolds himself, who is about to take on the role of the Green Lantern The most relevant for the story time travel, but is not a meta joke Wade travels back to the beginning of the movie and saves Vanessa before they are killed can We assume that this was not a joke and we actually Vanessa in other To see sequels

After all, the announcement of Cable in the post-credit scene was not a joke Both Vanessa and Time Travel can use the franchise of Deadpool and X-Force expand properly Vanessa is also a mutant in the comic and became known as Copycat As a shapeshifter, she also becomes a mercenary who is commissioned by Cables X-Force to infiltrate This has fallen in love with Domino and has entered into an intimate relationship with her

Vanessa deports Domino and disguises herself as one, but soon she falls in love actually in Cable This dynamic could lead to a very interesting love triangle or even quartet and that can be made from ordinary people mutants, we have just with Wade Seen Wilson The time machine could be used in future films to showcase us home – which is a pure dystopia In addition, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds joke around regularly and interpret an actual one Clashes between Wolverine and Deadpool So what if Deadpool saves Wolverine from certain death? That could be both funny and exciting

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