Credit Approved

Hi, Sara Krueger, here with HomeSmart I'm here this morning with Guy Vetrano from Bay Equity Home Loans

Thank you for having me, Sara You're welcome Today we are going to talk about credit Okay Can you tell me what is the lowest credit score you can have to get a home loan? Sure

So if we're qualifying for a government loan, you can go as low as 580 and if we are going to do a Conventional loan you can go as low as 620 Wow that is a lot lower than most people realize! Yeah, everybody thinks that they need to have 640 or 660 or above and we can go as low as 580 That's awesome! So if i do have low credit, what is the best way for me to improve my credit score? Good question So after 22 years of reviewing credit reports, the most important part of a credit score is utilization of credit cards Now I am not a credit repair man, but obviously, you want to make sure you pay bills on time and have no collection accounts

Which in turn will keep your credit score as high as possible Great advice! Thanks for tuning in Leave your comments and questions below