270 Millionen in 1 Stunde Elite Dangerous deutsch CREDITS 3.0 Tutorial german GUIDE

Hi Gamer and Gamergirls and Wellkomme in GAMER ORDER a new tutorial and guide how to making credits right now can I introduce you to a possibility where you within an hour up to 270Make millions of credits in one hour thanks again at the place CHRISBI that has made this possible to do tutorial at all and then Let's start with the whole thing Information on her flies so after hr 4637 and there you also land directly on the first planet yes right you have to land on the planet right there underneath is a station then also natural spaceships But it could fix the topic Later you could land again it is important for out-of-date appointments before you land here at outdoor appointments Herrocket rampstakes two pieces that is very important and of course cargo space you need at least eight places must be free this will be for the rest of the whole mission to make credits very much be important also signs one the strongest owe you can wrap up and it is completely no matter whether now with the request flies or with a usb or with my other smaller spaceship the main thing is you take armament the rocket ramps and Of course, even the strongest owe you I could pack a lot depending on how far you are in profession since stock exchanges and although he sees myself I'm not completely up now with the call I am in the half I have just just maybe two or three times the well done maybe four times and if you have the call completely above you can of course up to 270 million do you see the missions here yourself Mosque wakes up and brings me now for example, 19 million and that The goal is youmust not others It is important that you accept keep alert to the mission Take the must go and this Of course, then I grabbed 1 completely Your quest also entices you completely is full that means you can not exceed 20 missions to take and I'm then until the quest for lures you like said is full and is clear you have yes not the possibility the whole take quests from an instance So completely 20 pieces must therefore we are once again at the spot of lodge and change the instance he keeps changing from single player and then again in one open play and then back in the single player and then you have the possibility also in the to switch private groups and out of the then you go backto private groups the single player speak single player open game single player then private group and again single player onthe game and to play again and you do that all the time circle to you all the whole thing lures full with 20 I have that now a bit rewound with that goes faster you see some of the missions yourself have the value of 2,000,000 some a million we even get some with us a value of 7

5 million or eight million per mission probably noticed and if you all missions then packed and then full time then he leaves the planet and flies He also has to go directly to the direction of the mosque will of course be on the galactic map then displayed Of course you will also get it symbol and then <she just speaks> then So do not forget you have to be on everyone fall the rocket ramps two pieces take thick shields and of course cargo pace minimum eight space space why that is so important you will become equal we are now in mosque arrived and we go now the planet is located on the planet then a station becomes heavy sometimes guarded with two spaceships sometimes with a spaceship sometimes with no spaceship the station but also have their own defense station is us are shot at directly when we get there come and shoot this rey we have to stop the reactor first to annoy the reactor this is this red plate here in front I'll show you that again this plate you have to connect this and if you hear them shoot then shoot the towers and then you can her in peace all the drones too kill important is no panic if you the strongest player fowlers ship have for the asp stresses anaconda or too smaller other ships are possible then you do not need to worry make him die in the beginning I had a bit of a problem and my debts were shot down and I was at 40 percent with the pid because two ships there were these two ships are but not always there at the moment For example, now there are no ships there and then I can hold in peace destroy drones if all the drones are destroyed then we have to somehow get new that's why we're focusing on the this is also very important and yours leaves the game in the main menu and then you lure yourself back into the single player mode the instance is completely irrelevant because the tron ​​keep coming back when you shoot the plate and the station was put out of action that's when the sound comes out it is important to note that you are near the station is essential in the video between 100 and 150 meters away should you already be able to keep it you can Of course, sometimes from time to time bit closer to the station zoom in so the drones comes out The station is a bit magic that means the drones are off and sometimes the ground or in between and that's why it's worth it after passing by so that Drones come out of the ground or also from a whole curls are theredo not I believe three hatches or something or so four hatches and then you have the possibility to shoot them after the check in the quest lures you we all had drones here now of course again as soon as possible from the station there was a spaceship for me, for example shot and you see yourself my shoulder held and then it will perform direction hr 4637 the whole story has only one now half an hour took approximately between 25 to 30 minutes depends on how natural are fast and how fast you also accept the missions or the instances change between the instances not always again somehow wait for that Reload mission goals or other but simply changes from single player now on the game and again then private groups in very short distances the is completely enough and bounces the to load all missions so we do not have to like other tutorials but can directly wait change instances and terminal Of course, when you arrive, you end up with the whole finished missions and then there of course they also and then will you soon see how much me in half an hour where you on Fraction up to half on the points makes it nothing because I get anyway anyway many loansalready for it you have seen now i have that now a total of four times this made mission and that has now total Thesefour times I'll say three four hours lasted not even so I'm there for three hours where I am now do I mean a game time season and I'll get there in any case to the 49 million ie in one hour I would be at 100 million when your yard is completely inflated with the whole factions then you are sure that here between 250 to 270 Making millions is one thing information from krispy thanks again the place to chrisbi for the whole informationsupport thumbs up Do not forget subscribe to ours live streams are and move regularly you will become one with yourself, too informed when we return online are your gema or