Black Panther: Post Credit Szene erklärt

"Black Panther" is the last movie before "Avengers: Infinity War" and that's why is a post-credit scene in the film quite exciting, we'll give you a closer look want to explain From this point, a spoiler warning applies

You have been warned The post-credit scene We are in Wakanda and meet up an old acquaintance who is just leaving a hut: it is Bucky Barnes, the winter Soldier We remember: after the events of Civil War, Captain America brought him to Wakanda, hoping to be cured there and by the Winter Soldier Free program This is obviously successful, because when T'Challas sister Shuri asks him how He's okay, Bucky answers, he's fine That was it

It is interesting to mention only that Bucky of the inhabitants of Wakandas "White Wolf ", white wolf, is called Interpretation At first glance, there is nothing special a lot in this post-credit scene Marvel fans know Bucky, of course, and know that he is currently in Wakanda But the fact that he seems to be healed and the name White Wolf are two interesting ones Points that we want to shed light on The healed Bucky Bucky is obviously not in danger now more

Thanks to Wakanda's technical achievements, he was cured of brainwashing, that made him a Winter Soldier Bucky is once again a trusted ally in the fight against Thanos – and possibly beyond that So maybe this is the way for a new Captain America? After all, Bucky is also in the comics after the alleged death of Steve Rogers to the new Captain America After all, what Captain America stands for should live on after his death A Bucky Barnes no longer in danger of becoming a Winter Soldier, could definitely take the shield of Captain America

This could also be a way of playing the role of "Infinity War" and "Avengers 4 "new occupy White Wolf The name "White Wolf" is not easy just a nickname It is indeed a clear reference to an interesting character from the Comics by Black Panther There was the boy Hunter, who was adopted by T'Chaka, King Wakandas, after his parents died in a plane crash over the country However, since he was a foreign white man in Wakanda, he was critically eyed

Still, T'Chaka took him on like his son until the time he actually did got a son of his own: T'Challa Although Hunter now fell into the background, he remained loyal to Wakanda, which was the king rewarded with making him the leader of Wakanda's secret police, Hatut Zeraze This is a small private army, which was extremely brutal, which is why she and Hunter were exiled when T'Challa became king As the leader of Hatut Zeraze Hunter finally called White Wolf What does all this have to do with Bucky Barnes? Well, he probably will not necessarily be adopted by T'Challa, but he has now spent some time in Wakanda and may have recognized the benefits of the country

In the tradition of the White Wolf, Bucky could now also be a part of Wakandas To lead the army A picture from the trailer for "Infinity War" definitely suggests it So Bucky is likely to become an important army-leader Wakandas in the fight against Thanos' troops What do you think? How will it continue with Bucky Barnes? How did you like "Black Panther" and are you looking forward to "Infinity War"? Write us in the comments For more on Marvel, check out these videos