Kid Spends $500 on FORTNITE with Mom’s Credit Card… [MUST WATCH]

I've just phoned the bank and i've been speaking to them for about half an hour And all the money that's coming out of my account is being spent on four nights know, what morgan55 This is funny Hello, team orgs and welcome back to another banger now dick in my mouth mcmmmm and it taste good where little kids basically steal their parents credit cards and spend it all on games and obviously um I've never done this before Definitely didn't spend 1,000 pounds on fifa points without, my mum knowing hmm Yeah, i'm guilty for real though when i was younger i'd do this all the time and i have still to this day never see My, mum freak out more than when i spent all that money on paper points and then it got me thinking Why, don't i recreate it with a prank in four nights, so yeah, basically i'm gonna spend loads of money on fortnight Buy all the items i can, on, my, mum's credit cards and then hopefully Watch her freak out this is gonna be hilarious Guys if you're New here remember to go down there and smash the subscribe or and i am on the road to three million subscribers and i've Also just started posting loads more fortnight content so if you enjoyed for tonight go down there and smash that subscribe button And also i'm gonna send you guys a crazy, light goal for this video can, we smash drumroll please 20,000 likes i don't know if you can, do that guys that's a giant, goal but you know, feel free to go down There and surprise me so ya, boys and girls as you can See we're on for tonight right now and there's a lot of items that i still have to buy, so basically i'm gonna Add loads of points cop all of this stuff and the thing, is with mom she actually gets notified By, her bank every time something goes out her account so hopefully It won't be long until she realizes loads of money's came out And she's probably, gonna get really, mad let's do this ten thousand v books eighty Pounds, that's probably a good star Oh, baby there, we flippin go thirteen thousand seven hundred, points let's buy, some skins the raptor outfit Mm v books that is a lot of people try, their, baby, but lucky, for me i've got, my, mom's credit card So i'm a straight up purchasing there, we flippin go baby, the empire ax i'm not Gonna, lie that is probably cooler than the outside up right now So i'm gonna go ahead and purchase it frank mum's not, gonna be happy you've got the breakdancing, ammo Yo i'm gonna, do it bang there we go another 800 v bucks down The drain, baby, we got the dazzle, outfit let's be real it looks, absolutely terrible like, who the hell Actually has this skin but i'm still Gonna, purchase it baby there, we go the gumdrop, glider now i have the dragon glider so i won't use this But that doesn't mean i'm not, gonna purchase a, baby we've got the jungle scout outfit another one like, white, why Would i buy this like, who the hell's gonna actually use this i'm not But i'm still gonna buy it ha, ha ha we've got the pure salt and though yo i actually kind of like this one So obviously i'm gonna, buy it thank you mom and the icebreaker Harvesting tool, which i'm not, gonna use spot Just let's go Guys, for real what the hell Else can i buy yo the battle bundle that is a lot of ebooks right there that is a lot of money? Got a pi baby let's open Go, thanks mom i guess i don't even know, what the hell the bottle price even does however i got it anyway No i'm just gonna purchase all these tears right now like i may as, well i don't even know What the hell i'm purchasing i'm just clicking purchase on everything because i'm flippin crazy honestly guys i have no clue Why i'm even purchasing right now But i'm literally just sat here purchasing absolutely everything purchase let's flip and do it i am literally purchasing Everything in the game right now Purchase i'm a

Purchaser imma go over and purchase it i'm gonna Purchase everything because i have, my, mom's credit card Guys, we've heard obstacle we've already ran out of v books but We've still got a lot more to buy so what am i gonna, do Oh, god movies gonna freak out at Me so much that we go boys and girls loads more v books added to the account Not from my account but we've still got more to buy so let's keep going And boys and girls the final item that i can, buy We now officially, own everything i think i'm gonna of course go with the reaper My brand, new skin and i go with the dark matter backpack because i don't know Black, dark, stuff school i guess i'm gonna, go ahead with the empire, axe that, was pretty dope and of course i got a Stick with, my with, my royal dragon, that's just nothing's gonna beat that and there we go boys and girls i just spent a Hell of a lot of money on mom's credit cards however she still hasn't noticed so what that way to, pass some time Than to get into a battle royale and maybe we can get win with all our new Items let's do this Okay, boys and girls here we go right now we're in the game i am gonna go till two towers every time i go till two towers i always Die but imma do it for you guys because, why, the hell, not it's entertaining like Yes however what i do want you guys to comment down, below, today in the comment section Is what is your favorite gun in the game to use if you could pick one gun to Start with in the game which one would you pick that's my question to you, okay? We got the time that guy jumped i kinda, want to kill him you sound that y'all have a Go, for it i'm going to kill We are back time for game number two right now can, we all just forget others whatever Happened like let's just put that behind us under Never talked, about ever again, you can really tell i'm a pro at fortnight con, yeah, okay, we're going tilted, again, we're probably, gonna Die like the last game but Hopefully, we'll fall off a building this, time, guys i'm gonna go to this fat cows Here this blue one i can see something blue always a shield, okay? I, won't take that fat shield i will take it always chop the doors behind you guys it's good manners you Won't go out to someone's house and then leave the door open, would you open and then short should We go, for some kills or should, we play conservative and try and stay alive most you're probably, saying go for Some kills but i don't want to, die so i'ma probably just chill Oh, okay, we got some decent loot, we got another fat shield so now We are 100 hundred good nice good good good good okay hundred hundred, who can, stop us now We gotta go on the attack, oh? Okay, okay? And we go for the sneak guys, watch this i'm gonna go for the good old sneak attack he doesn't even know i'm here Just like that baby let's go sneak Attack, okay i'm gonna take the med kit because there's a very good chance that i will, die and need it at Some point boys and girls good start one kill So far i'm on the attack i'm done with playing conservative i want some motherfucking kills right now Also load if you guys Don't really mad at me because in my last fall in our video i left a legendary scar and just didn't see it So, yeah i'ma try and not leave any guns behind in this video but if i do tell Them in the comment section but i don't think, i will i'm a pro now I don't leave, go, and i'm a pro seriously, boys and girls i have no clue how i cannot find anyone We are in tilted mother flippin towers and i can't actually find anyone like his Goal geez Okay, yo that was that was intense, okay? That was in flippin tense i'm getting all these notifications on my phone that money is going out of my Bank account are you are you doing anything have you spent any of my, money or i've been told fortnight know, what you mean? Why, did you get the notification i've just thought, about for just 8 minutes don't go now Okay you haven't done anything no don't leave me No, no, no sister stay there so what happened so what happened how Much bodies came out there's a lot, wrong you just keep saying Notification from the bank just alert money has been withdrawn From your account so i Right, okay, so why, did you dress me good i know it wasn't me okay? I've just been playing for night i haven't even moved like, literally i've just been side killing, new from fortnight You know it's just pardon just don't worry, don't worry i'm sure it's probably nothing But i'll just go and then i'll go and ring the bank, okay it's a problem i like wait No, no, no what are you gonna do what you gonna do just go and ring the bank up and just find out What it isn't what's happening, okay i need to go okay, oh? um i guess let's get back to the gameplay guys however We should be quite scared because mum is gonna call the bank and? That's not good okay, the storms coming, oh? Okay, we've got storm, and we've got snipers storm plus mythology Guys, can, we take a second for replays nice joke shoulder Okay, i think that might be the best kill i've ever done but no Time to waste we genuinely need to get going right now Because the storm is on album it is on our bum and it is closing fast and i'm pretty sure? Oh, gosh, oh? Another kill, okay, five kills this is becoming a really good game for me, oh no 55 health Well if i die in the storm right now that will be a national disaster 48 47 46 44 on the ball 49 fundido 86 okay, boys and girls i think, was gonna be okay however we're? Going to be incredibly low, on health with no shield We've got a, star but it's not enough if we don't have Any, flippin health i think i might be the last person alive in tilted which is pretty flippin dope but i need Some health like a Supper unni, oh? yes, oh Okay, just what we needed, boys and girls, oh? Let's party odds on there being somebody shield in here because i could really Really, do with, some good old shield We just found a fight shield, yes okay, now We are talking we're back to 50 shield we're back to 75, health i'm feeling i'm on top of the world i'm gonna go to the top of this mountain and Camp up i mean, oh i mean i try and get some kills up here Definitely not gonna camp i i don't camp i've never camped in my, life, there's 11 People left boys, and girls lie, isn't much we've got another, base down here with a

Guy Oh, you, won't know, where it came from I'm so bad oh, my gosh i was so close i'm so disappointed in myself, oh my, god i got just down here Flipping sniper shows bro screw it scott on Move tree y'all stupid, bloody tree hit him Cycling, flip, flip, yeah, flip i'm showing you Six people left baby i'm fairly confident right now however once i have to move into the stall i'm gonna be pretty vulnerable Y'all rascal i'm trying to feel dog Gosh, okay? There is literally nothing that could, make this, any, worse i am literally so annoyed I've just filmed the bang and i've been speaking to them for about half an hour and All the money that's coming out of my account is being spent on four nights Mom iii what was for tonight What what's what now? Are you, absolutely kidding i've genuinely got no clue or for liars morgan morgan I've seen your tweets i've played the game with You you know, what thorne is? That's night for i don't want for my ears are you absolutely Being ridiculous, you've spent money out of my account, about to stop, my card, and then i've realized This you You're, doing it you're spending, my, money it's brain fortnight, and he's pretending he doesn't even know What for night is and he spent hundreds obviously martin is spent a lot of money for Your mic up yeah, why are you spending Your, own i'll have to stop a card And the bank's asking, me to i don't, want to take it further morgan, you've spent, my money then, why don't you spend your, own you've got your, own card It was an accident you must have been going into it loads of times to do it you, owe me the money You, do realize, you're, gonna give me the money back it's gone forever now it's in this this time No, that one is gone but you've got money in your bank account That you will give me now to cover a are you laughing at me, why are you laughing Kidding this is funny Yeah all i do for you i came here before And i said to you morgan have you taken any money out out of my account and you said No, but look at him look, how

Cool he looks Look, you know what else looks cool are you, gonna give me the money back you are you're giving Me the money back i'm case, you know You giving, me the money back know, what morgan? This is funny Speak, to me, again, bullies use to throw, me out the window You're, not playing this stupid, game anymore you give me the money and if you don't give Me the money morgan, i will never ever speak to you, again And i won't do anything for you i want to you to starbucks i won't let People stay in this house anymore and we long? Yes wife, is broken i'm very disappointed Morgan i'm very disappointed in you i think i expected better after all i've done for you this is going in the fin as, well the merge not the merge no The worst thing you've done how You did this before when you were young and you said you would never do it again Disappointed i'm just disappointed in you um I didn't so he kept my controller go, away go, away please Yeah, it's ridiculous nobody, else would ever do that to the parents and you've done it twice now Is there something wrong with You you've done it twice what's wrong with you why, would you do it why Mom, why are you doing, my you filming me getting upset is this funny is it something take A look, bad i am laugh a, little bit because I'm gonna, give you all the money back yeah I know you're giving Me the money back but it's not even good morgan this isn't a good thing to do is it is he a prawn is it? It's just a prank yeah, well you know, well i've got a really good prank coming up what yeah, yeah don't you worry You're, gonna i'm gonna get my revenge for this morgan this is a very good i'm good i'm still very disappointed in you Some things that funny and it's worth doing as a prank morgan but, some things just aren't for me just go, away You just come, near, me and you, make, me upset go away go away you camera well guys, that was um eventful it's safe to say, the prank wars is Definitely back on guys if you haven't already, going down there and smash that subscribe button Go, down there and do it right Now i'm gonna be uploading loads more four-night videos and loads more pranks just like this your way very very Soon so if you're Not subscribed subscribe and join team mugs right now and also guys another massive thank you to everybody That became a true bro and joined the merge squad both of you, guys are receiving Your bro merch in the foes you're Getting them and you guys are all saying you love, them it's Awesome thank you all so much the merge squad has never been stronger and it's awesome to see you guys Wrap in the bro shown, you're a true Bro i love it thank you all so much for watching the video and as always i've involved you guys been Awesome and i'll see you in my next video peace out