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Researching discover cash back? Duane here with how to build credit TV and in this video I'm gonna be talking about my experiences in regards to discover cashback So be sure to watch the video until the end because I'm actually gonna log into my account and show you how much cash back I've accumulated thus far, but before we get started I have a quick MESSAGE Once again my name is Duane with how to build credit TV and this channel offers 100% percent free information about how to build credit, how to get cash back actual cash money from using credit cards, as well as credit card reviews

So if this is your first time watching our videos be sure to subscribe and hit the notification icon so you don't miss out on anything Alright let's get started! Well I'm sure you guys have seen a lot of the commercials from Discover card regarding their cash back and cashback match program and I'm here to tell you that in my experience it's actually a pretty incredible program if you actually pair that with some of the offers that they have in regards to getting 5% cash back in certain categories in certain quarters well there's only four quarters in the year But if you pair that with that as well as the 1% cashback that you get on everything else it's a pretty sweet deal As a matter of fact I think I'm up to about $350 in cash back right now I got my card in October of 2017 and I think my year is gonna be up in September 2018

So I'm actually going to log into my account and I'm gonna show you guys where I am currently in what I've experienced with the program It's a pretty sweet deal so give me a second here I have my cell phone in my hand in the video here Here's my cell phone my wonderful cracked screen cell phone I'm gonna go ahead and start a screen record here I'll start the screen record right now in a second Sorry give me a second here starting up the screen record so alright right now I'm recording my screen Wait am I? Yes I am, okay sorry about that

Right now I'm recording my screen so I'm gonna go ahead and login to my Discover account right here on the screen I'm gonna show you guys press my discover account there I'm gonna actually put my fingerprint in whenever it pops up on the screen It's asking for my fingerprint, all right there we go Eventually gonna go I actually have the 6s so I know it's time to update my phone but this is what I'm rocking currently so forgive my cracked screen Look at that that's pretty that's pretty bad

So anyway as you can see I'm in my account here and I just kind of want to show you guys currently underneath the cashback bonus category I currently have $35490 on my last statement that just closed I got $4218 So as you can see it also states my cashback match that's gonna be available September 17th 2018 so so far I'm doing pretty well This program in my experience has been really incredible All you have to do, I'm gonna log out of my account sorry give me one second here well just in the video in the screen recording

All you have to do is get your card try to maximize the spending for each quarter so like for the first quarter in 2018 the the quarter was gas and wholesale clubs like Sam's and Costco and what not So you maximize your spending in that category and you make sure that you get 5% percent when you use gas I mean when you buy gas right So instead of like using your debit card which most people practice I actually use my credit card for every single purchase I use my credit card all the time I do not ever use my debit card because it just doesn't make sense I'm being rewarded by discover from or by spending money that I'm gonna spend anyway

I'm not buying anything extra I'm not spending money just to get the cash back I'm just spending money normally as I would if I were using my debit card so I do that and I actually pay my credit card bills weekly Actually sometimes I paY twice a week because I'm a nerd like that I just want to make sure that my balance is always zero and that I'm never paying any interest As a matter of fact I have not paid any interest since I have the card which has been October 2017

I get confused because it says that my years anniversary is September 2018 So whatever the details are but anyway I just want to make the video just let you guys know I'm a real person getting real results from Discover card I've had nothing but a wonderful experience with them and I would encourage you to try to maximize the cashback as well as a cash match Thank you guys for watching this video be sure to subscribe, comment, like and have a look at my channel have a look around this channel is 100% free like I said, free information always about how to build credit, how to get cash back, actual cash money by using credit cards, as well as credit card review So thanks again for watching guys until next time take care and be blessed