How to Avoid the Potential Danger of Credit Cards #AskBellco

[JACK] Is there a way for young people, people just out of college, early 20s to build their credit with credit cards but not get into that dangerous area? Are there some pointers? [JARED] Sure, so right off the bat, if you're going to get a credit card use it responsibly just on what you are spending on a day to day basis If you've already racked up the balances, a platinum gold, titanium type card is a great way to go

Because those cards have the best rates in the marketplace today So, if you are going to be paying this balance over a long period time, you don't want to be paying a lot of interest on it So you might as well get the lowest rate possible In contrast, if you are not carrying a balance, I would definitely recommend getting on a rewards card So, that way you can be rewarded and get prizes or travel or cash back based on your spending