NFS Rivals Racer campaign final race +end credit (มีซับไทย)

This is the message to many of the players I'm not an enemy Not a threat I'm just a competitor I will make you more struggling

I'll give you a goal The police call us gangs And call us a criminal organization To this day It's a catchword To this day We are not an organization And we are not a criminal network

But today, the catchphrase became a reality The hour before The news agency received a video from a person claiming to be Zephyr Challenge all racers and officials In the video He has posted a map The driver and the police will compete

To fight a set The police considered the declaration of war by a group of racers Zephyr says This is the ultimate reality show Following the convoy on Eastwood rise Get support from all units in the area Notify all units near Eastwood rise

The authorities are pursuing many goals Need reinforcement This is a live image from Redview Township With a race named Zephyr He collided with the local police The medical team is down

now But from this angle It is very rare to have someone who survived this collision I'm a reality show 15 minutes that no one can imitate Speed ​​of Death If not It is like death