Deadpool 2: Post-credits scenes explained

Deadpool 2 had some surprises in its post-credit scenes Spoiler warning: Deadpool 2’s appeal, like its prequel’s, lies in countless pop-culture references and meta-jokes and the sequel especially has things that you would rather experience yourself So do not read this piece if you have not seen the movie

Deadpool 2 was fun It did not offer much original, instead focussed on giving the viewers more of the same And that was enough Ryan Reynolds was once again magnificent, slipping into the character like somebody would put on a pair of jeans The new cast members were also good The idea of a fourth-wall breaking, self-aware, comic-book anti-hero mutant is still pretty fresh and this film delivers on the promises Probably a sequel, if it happens, will need something radically new Anyway, Deadpool 2 had a couple of corkers of post-credit scenes This franchise seems to have adopted the Marvel tradition of post-credit scenes but instead of teasing things, it rather, like other things, makes fun of the whole concept Here is the explanation of all the post-credit scenes

Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio are seen repairing Cable’s time-travel device for Deadpool Deadpool 2 takes it and Negasonic instantly regrets helping him as who the hell knows what would Deadpool 2 do with time-travelling powers? We see him going back to save Vanessa This time he manages to disarm the shooter Then, he kills the “Deadpool” (Weapon XI) of X-Men Origins: Wolverine After that, he saves Peter from dying (and nobody else from X-Force) And best of all, Deadpool shoots “Ryan Reynolds” as he is considering starring in Green Lantern The first two scenes are self-explanatory But the latter two need explanation X-Men Origins: Wolverine became controversial for giving a ridiculous avatar of Deadpool William Stryker turns Wade Wilson into a mutant killer (call Weapon XI) with sewn lips This character was widely criticised, with fans saying how could you shut up a character who is known for his wisecracks? So as Wolverine looks on, Deadpool repeatedly shoots the Weapon XI even as he lay dying Ryan Reynolds in a still from Green Lantern

The second scene involves another of Ryan Reynolds’ regrets One would think he shot these scenes just for a cathartic feeling Before Man of Steel, Warner Bros and DC wanted to build their cinematic universe with a small, standalone film called Green Lantern, based on the famous DC Comics superhero and the Justice League member Ryan Reynolds was hired to play the main role But the film that came out was of such an execrable quality that everybody associated with it, including the studio Warner Bros, cannot stop apologising for it There was a Green Lantern joke in the original Deadpool As he is taken away by Ajax and his men to the operating room in order to awaken his mutant genes and cure his tumours, Wade Wilson says, “And please don’t make the suit green Or animated!” Too much CGI was just one of the reasons the film got such scathing reviews © IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Share your thoughts